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Mignon ȘANDOR – Director de proiect





 Aurel Maxim






Dumitrița DASCĂLU

Biologist Dumitriţa Dascălu, graduate of the Faculty of Biology and Geology, Biology specialization, UBB Cluj – Napoca and master in “Systemic Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation” within the same institute. She is a PhD student of the Faculty of Agriculture, USAMV Cluj – Napoca, the research field in agronomy, specialization microbiology. The overall objective of the study underlying the PhD thesis is to assess the effects of sustainable agricultural practices on the functional diversity of soil microbial community and the processes in which it is involved, as clarifying the relations of mutual influence between agricultural practices and soil biodiversity is a priority for scientific research and thus for our project.


Vlad Horea STOIAN






Valentina Ancuța-Sandor





Onica Bogdan-Mihai 

Onica Bogdan-Mihai

Bogdan is a PhD Student at the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Cluj-Napoca, since 2015. He is an engineer in food science, specialized in food control and food processing. Besides this, he attended a prestigious european university in the field of food science, Ghent University, as a part of the Erasmus program, where he studied human nutrition. Howerver, Bogdan is an open minded “disciple researcher” with a large desire of knowledge and research. His thesis is closely related to the subject of the research project, studying the effect of fertilizers on the soil microbial community and further, the effect of the microbial community on the technological qualities of wheat.